Membrane Switch Products

Membrane switch technology has long proven ideal for applications where low profile switching functions are required. As a leading supplier for twenty years, MNR Technology Membrane Switch Products offer a solution that is:


• Distinctive - a variety of features and options ensure a custom look and feel

• Economical - lower in total installed cost than more traditional technologies

• Durable - successfully withstand millions of actuations

• Reliable - inherently sealed against liquid and dust intrusion.


MNR Technology is a leader in Tactile Feedback Arrays, custom configured to fit manual, semi-automated or fully automated assembly methods. As a major supplier to the mobile phone industry, MNR Technology offers cost-effective tactile design solutions including:


• Polyester or metal domes

• ESD and RFI shielding

• Tape-and-reel or Tape-in-box packaging


MNR Technology Tactile Feedback Arrays are easily integrated with rigid, flexible or membrane circuits to provide crisp tactile response for a variety of products including mobile phones, automotive equipment, hand held modules and gaming devices.

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